A Head Start For Young Artists

Usually reserved for high level professionals, through this workshop series Vocal One will provide selected young performers with the skills, foundation and tips directly from the music industry’s most respected vocal expert.

Learn to exploit the benefits of youth, and make lifelong changes to their voice, making normally difficult skills seem easy, and avoid the many issues that plague virtually every adult singer. There are a litany of vocal skills that most adults find difficult to master, that would have been effortless, if they had only had the right start.

Vocal-One will be accepting applications for students ages 11-15. Some musical knowledge is preferred, though no previous singing instruction is required. Students who wish to be considered for the program are asked to provide a short audio or video clip of their singing ability.

Very Limited Places Available

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In this fun engaging session workshop Torb will teach…

Advanced vocal skills that work immediately & permanently

The Mechanics of how to play the voice like an instrument

The tricks to hitting high notes

How to achieve effortless volume while protecting your voice

Healthy vocal habits to last a lifetime


This is an unprecedented chance to change your child’s vocal destiny.

Gain access to Over 20 years of scientific research and unprecedented access to the most demanding vocal issues from world leaders to major stars backs up this scientific approach and Torb’s reputation as the world’s most knowledgable vocal expert.




Torb Pedersen

Torb Pedersen is internationally recognised as the world’s #1 authority on the voice. For the last 25 years he has served as vocal specialist for Capitol Records, Warner Music, Sony, Geffen, A&M, Atlantic Records and more.

Torb is deeply passionate about helping artists avoid the pain of vocal damage as well as the frustration of dealing with the currently inadequate standard of vocal advice and coaching. Working hard to change this, he coaches and lectures in Japan, China, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and the United States.


Sarah Kisilevich, Program Director

Sarah Kisilevich is diploma qualified in the field of education and has over eight years of experience in teaching music to young adults and children. Sarah’s expertise in individualised and generalised curriculum planning will support our team in developing an age-appropriate program that yields reliable and quantifiable results.


Mary Kay Rauma, Executive Producer

Mary Kay has served as Executive Producer for NBC and ABC networks and worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. She is an accomplished vocalist who has performed in dozens of musical theatre productions.

She is experienced working with youth having clocked a multitude of hours volunteering in classrooms for K-5 students, teaching art camps to ages K-5 and serving as a marketing and design teacher to 9-12 graders.


Each artist that attends will recieve an individualised vocal assessment personally from Torb.

We teach you the techniques the biggest artists in the world use to achieve world-wide recognition. It’s the world’s safest, fastest and most permanent vocal technique tailored precisely to your needs.