Vocal Transformation Seminar – Melbourne 20th November 2019


Learn how to develop dramatic new range of an octave or more! Increase your range without switches, breaks or inconsistencies and learn how to sing longer and more powerfully without any fatigue or risk of hurting your voice from the same person who has helped over 100 Grammy Award winners.

For one night only – November 20th 2019.
The seminar will go for appox 2 hours with a Q&A session at the end.

Held at Southbank Place, 60 Kavanagh Street, Southbank 3006. Starting at 7pm.

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Do you feel like your range has hit a wall?
Do you struggle to hit high notes with precision and strength?
Have you paid for vocal lessons that give you seemingly pointless vocal exercises that don’t make any difference?

The Vocal Transformation Seminar will give you the exact steps you need to get your voice singing the best it can. Through scientific research and real-world applications, we have designed the most advanced vocal techniques that are used by the world’s best singers. Over only 1 night you will learn how to push your range to highs that you’ve never even thought of. You’ll leave with the knowledge that you are singing in a sustainable way, where you can perform night after night and not worry about having a sore voice ever again.

I’ve heard so many people go to so many different vocal coaches and its always been “do this, do that” and at the end it’s still painful to sing. I didn’t know anything like this even existed, let alone set down in a class and learn it all. Especially the amount of one on one time where Torb can critique you personally is awesome. – Tash Agius

About Torb Pedersen

Torb Pedersen is internationally recognised as the world’s #1 authority on the voice. For the last 25 years he has served as vocal specialist for Capitol Records, Warner Music, Sony, Geffen, A&M, Atlantic Records and signed over 1,000 confidentiality agreements with clients from major stars to the White House Press Corps. Recent projects include Gloria Estefan, Fantine, Henry Mancini Orchestra PBS special, The Barry Gibb Tour Australia/New Zealand and vocal coach to “On Your Feet” Broadway premiere.

Considered by many as the father of modern voice, Torb is the fastest, most meticulous and knowledgeable vocal coach of our time. His innovative technologies, backed by over 20 years of research and scientific testing, have set a new standard in vocal teaching and methodologies previously not thought possible. His professional relationships and comprehensive knowledge across a vast array of academic and related disciplines allows him to work out solutions to seemingly impossible vocal problems.

Torb is deeply passionate about helping artists avoid the pain of vocal damage as well as the frustration of dealing with the currently inadequate standard of vocal advice and coaching. Working hard to change this, he coaches and lectures in Japan, China, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and the United States.

What Torb Will Cover During The Seminar

Immediate and dramatic increases in range; often of an octave or more. (Not only will this been done in a healthy, sustainable and reproducible manner, but we will begin with the results where others only hope to end up. Remove switches and breaks into falsetto and head voice.

How to fix symptoms and issues
Topics include: strain and other forms of discomfort, vocal quality, danger signs, neurological calibration, endurance and sustainability and other topics dictated by the group’s needs.

Control and precision
Techniques and tips applicable across all artistic aspects of recording and performance

Access to a vast database of specific and detailed styling tools translated succinctly to achieve all the emotional intensity of a performance without the normal risks or discomfort to the artist. This can be accommodated in virtually every musical style. Technical and industry interpretation of the artist’s original music.

Individual analysis
Personal interaction and real examination of the artist’s own vocal issues. This is done in order to facilitate expeditious and sustainable solutions that will continue to better their vocal health and improve their voice after they leave the seminar.

Analysis of the artist’s neurological functioning
Common issues as well as group-dictated, individual demonstrations showing how it’s affecting their singing and what they can do about it.

And, tips and secrets:
Recording techniques
Concert preparation
Neurological calibration: warming up and post-concert recalibration
What to eat and drink, what to do – myths vs. truths
Performance techniques
Dangerous conditions you don’t know about but “really should”
Tour preparation
The inner workings of the music industry
How to keep your voice healthy under all situations. Danger conditions you don’t know about.


Where is the seminar being held?
We hold Vocal-One Workshop all across the world. The Melbourne seminar is held at one Southbank Place, 60 Kavanagh Street, Southbank 3006.

What are the dates & times for the seminar?
The seminar will be held on the 20th of November 2019 starting at 7pm.

Do I need to be a professional singer to attend?
No, you do not need to be a professional singer. If you can sing a note back when it is played on a piano then you will be able to apply the exercises and have personal feedback.

How many artists are in each group?
We aim to have small groups of a maximum of 5 – 15 artists in a group.

Is there any personal one-on-one time with Torb during the seminar?
Yes. Torb will give individual feedback to every artists that attends. You will also have the ability to apply for individual consultations outside of the course if you wish. You can discuss this your the event organiser.

Can I bring my instrument?
Yes! You are also encouraged to bring your instrument with you to the seminar. Torb would like to hear your original material, if you have some, as this helps assist with applying some of the techniques to your music.

Are there any guarantees that I will like the seminar?
We understand that the seminar is a large investment in your vocal future. We have never had an artist drop out from a Vocal-One seminar. However, we do offer a guarantee that if you feel after the session that the seminar is not for you we can discuss a refund.

Seeing my voice improve technically has been very obvious since working with Torb. I’m not straining for the high notes anymore and my voice is coming out smooth and clear. People around me are even say “Wow, you sound so different”. – Emma Nainby