About Vocal-One

Our Mission

We believe our revolutionary methods make it possible for each vocal artist to attain their absolute potential, prevent vocal injury and unlock the mystery to their voice.

We believe exceptional singing is a teachable skill and should be available to everyone. For as long as people have been singing, vocal teaching has been a world rife with misconceptions and mystery. No single method for singing or ideal way your voice should operate has ever been established.

We’ve changed all that.

Through our techniques, you will discover that singing is a series of coordinated muscular actions that you have the ability to control. You’ll learn that there is a precise, inexorable process to reach your vocal potential that is specific to you. No steps in our tailored workshops will require faith or a “wait and see” attitude. The skills we teach will be absorbed immediately as will your ability to see measurable results.

Vocal-One workshops will reveal the unique muscular, neurological, and physiological aspects that define who you are and what you sound like. Your unique voice, one that will enable you to gain entry into the worldwide music market and sustain success over time, is within you just waiting to be unlocked.

Our methods hold the key.

Torb Pedersen

Torb Pedersen is internationally recognised as the world’s #1 authority on the voice. For the last 25 years he has served as vocal specialist for Capitol Records, Warner Music, Sony, Geffen, A&M, Atlantic Records and signed over 1,000 confidentiality agreements with clients from major stars to the White House Press Corps. Recent projects include Gloria Estefan, Fantine, Henry Mancini Orchestra PBS special, The Barry Gibb Tour Australia/New Zealand and vocal coach to “On Your Feet” Broadway premiere.

Considered by many as the father of modern voice, Torb is the fastest, most meticulous and knowledgeable vocal coach of our time. His innovative technologies, backed by over 20 years of research and scientific testing, have set a new standard in vocal teaching and methodologies previously not thought possible. His professional relationships and comprehensive knowledge across a vast array of academic and related disciplines allows him to work out solutions to seemingly impossible vocal problems.

Torb is deeply passionate about helping artists avoid the pain of vocal damage as well as the frustration of dealing with the currently inadequate standard of vocal advice and coaching. Working hard to change this, he coaches and lectures in Japan, China, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and the United States.


Over 100 Grammy awards have been won by Torb’s clients including Gloria Estefan pictured here with Torb before her Times Square performance