A Vocal Revolution

Gain Access To The Vocal Techniques Used By World’s Largest Stars

Eliminate preventable cases of vocal injuries, enhance your vocal health & longevity and guarantee that you as an artist reach your potential through revolutionised teaching methodologies and techniques provided by the world’s foremost vocal expert – Torb Pedersen.

Revolutionary Methods
Extraordinary Results

In order for any vocal program to be valid, its results must contain these four things:


In any valid vocal program, the results must be immediately observable for everyone to hear and see. We guarantee observable results.


The techniques we teach are pioneered from our research of the finite and precise neurological systems that operate the voice. Artists using our proprietary methods will progress very, very quickly.


Real results have to be reproducible under all conditions and at all times–with no faith required.


Because the voice is meant to function in a particular way, once neuromuscular systems have adapted to the new techniques, the results will be permanent.

We teach you the techniques the biggest artists in the world use to achieve world-wide recognition. It’s the world’s safest, fastest and most permanent vocal technique tailored precisely to your needs.

“I’ve been working with a new vocal coach, Torb Pedersen, who gave me a new way of looking at certain things neurologically…I started preparing for it (album The Standards released by Sony Masterworks) a year before, really being in top, top vocal performance shape. It’s not the same in ballads as when you’re singing uptempo songs…it’s much easier to sing fast songs. You have to be able to sustain the note and not choke it off. And to really emote, you want to be in control of your instrument.”

Gloria Estefan
“Q & A: Realizing a longtime dream with her take on timeless tunes”
Music & Musicians, Issue #29


This vocal seminar will transform you both professionally and personally. Discover individual vocal markers that have both shaped and defined your success thus far. Identify the technical elements that are responsible for your unique individual voice and learn how to best train, develop, and exploit them in today’s worldwide market.


Usually Reserved for high level professionals, through this workshop series Vocal One will provide selected young performers with the skills, foundation and tips directly from the music industry’s most respected vocal expert.


What does your audience actually think of you? The exact neuro-physiological aspects that combine into what others hear when you sing is incredibly complex. It is as specific and personal to you as your own fingerprint. This course will show you not only what others think of your voice but why and, more importantly, how to modify, change and improve it. We’ll identify how you can capitalize on the assets the audience most favorably responds to and create those assets you wish to possess.


Our Latest Vocal Tips

Get a taste for what Vocal-One is about with short Vocal Tips with Torb Pedersen. These videos highlight some of the most commonly asked questions about vocal health. During workshops and seminars Torb covers these areas in great detail, specific to you as an artist.

What Artists Are Saying

For someone who’s always belted – realising that I don’t have to actually try to do any of that anymore is awesome. It’s really good for my vocal health, considering I used to destroy my voice all the time.
Candi Ingold
My range has increased which is good, and I’ve learnt new skills that I can put into practice while I’m gigging. It's very good! Very easy to understand and far exceeded my expectations.
Chris Postans
The scientific approach to the techniques, really, more than anything makes sense. Then you can feel the confidence, build up in yourself because you know you’re following the right path.
Jamie Killick
I've approached high notes in a whole new way. I used to lift up and lighten the tone to hit high notes, but now I realise I can drop down and hit it with a much deeper tone. I'm practising in a whole new way and realise that I'm not meant to push. It will help me a lot with my career.
William Wyatt
I've heard so many people go to so many different vocal coaches and its always been "do this, do that" and at the end it's still painful to sing. I didn't know anything like this even existed, let alone set down in a class and learn it all. Especially the amount of one on one time where Torb can critique you personally is awesome.
Tash Agius
Torb’s knowledge in the structure of how the voice actually works is amazing. I wouldn’t have thought we were wired completely different to what everyone else would ever teach you, but the fact that it’s backed up by scientific study has allowed me to correct bad habits and improve.
Jordan Forester

Tickets are Now On Sale for the 2019 Brisbane Seminar with Torb Pedersen.

Limited Places Available

I’ve been spending my whole life singing and then realising that I’m doing it wrong the whole time. Finding out that there are no limits to your voice is just mind blowing, the fact that you can reach any note that you want to if you do it correctly.

Talia Mae